After a time, Peter grew suspicious of his new friends.  He and Anne, separately, had begun to question their little existences and found that they were suffering.  Anne noticed the strange noises that the children made, unnatural, reptilian noises, and no one could ignore the increasing disappearances and Joon's proximity to the victims.  She had to keep up appearances, though the plot was thickening, and so she agreed to meet the boy at the shop.  She hoped she hadn't been too hasty, but the little bastard spooked her badly.  She hoped she wasn't suspicious, or she might end up like Peter.  There was no one to trust any more. 

One day Peter refused to make the video.  He made pleas and spilled secrets while Nami brazenly ignored him.  
His infidelity was not ignored by others.  
Beaten into submission, he managed to choke out the words, propped up against a railing.  Nami dubbed for him later; his true voice belied too much.

When he finally  got out of the rehabilitation scheme, he was put back to work.  They had fed him a diet of lurid fantasy and he clung gormlessly to an idea of a grandmother, somewhere, who one day he would hold and she would tell him how handsome and clever he was, and feed him chicken.
He never wanted to eat 송편 again.  

He found it hard to speak these days, his jaw had locked terribly from his punishment and his brain had swollen from all the rattling.  He tried to form solid thoughts but it was too much, and it upset him.
He had discovered something awful about these people, a girl, something unnatural but he couldn't remember it.

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