Nami's Awakening

Despite her possible involvement in a conspiracy Peter is only beginning to comprehend, Nami appears to feel remorse for the way the children treated him that day playing, and she invites him to play again.
Poor Peter, so bereft of company, agrees unerringly.

They have a good time and Nami starts to question her loyalty to the confederation she has long been a part of.  Unaware of his recent traumas, she slights a greiving Jinho on the street.  She is going skating with Anne.  Her friendship with the waif-like white girl has given her an insight into the daily struggles Anne faces.  After noticing a hastily hidden scar upon entering the bathroom without knocking, Nami feels something akin to friendship blossom within her tiny blackened heart.

Anne speaks kindly of Peter, and you may think Nami callous for her next course of action.  Perhaps she did not register the note of longing within Anne's voice as she praised the young lad, or perhaps she believed Anne was suggesting she got closer to the strange boy.  Something about him was so exotic and alluring to Nami... She looked into his eyes and felt no shame...

They fondle themselves.

Look at his face.

One day, while listening to NWA, young Peter's long silent phone springs inexplicably to life.  He answers, hope in his heart and there's a young woman's voice, she appears to have a speech impediment, but he is an accepting cat and loves bitches.  It is Nami, and finally, after months of knitting, alone, worried about his situation, he is being invited to play soccer........

Sadly, all was not as Peter hoped.  He was never chosen for a team and thus was resigned to the goal, ball after ball flew towards his face, like monochrome missiles they came endlessly hurtling, and the children laughed, oh how they laughed...