Nami's Awakening

Despite her possible involvement in a conspiracy Peter is only beginning to comprehend, Nami appears to feel remorse for the way the children treated him that day playing, and she invites him to play again.
Poor Peter, so bereft of company, agrees unerringly.

They have a good time and Nami starts to question her loyalty to the confederation she has long been a part of.  Unaware of his recent traumas, she slights a greiving Jinho on the street.  She is going skating with Anne.  Her friendship with the waif-like white girl has given her an insight into the daily struggles Anne faces.  After noticing a hastily hidden scar upon entering the bathroom without knocking, Nami feels something akin to friendship blossom within her tiny blackened heart.

Anne speaks kindly of Peter, and you may think Nami callous for her next course of action.  Perhaps she did not register the note of longing within Anne's voice as she praised the young lad, or perhaps she believed Anne was suggesting she got closer to the strange boy.  Something about him was so exotic and alluring to Nami... She looked into his eyes and felt no shame...

They fondle themselves.

Look at his face.

One day, while listening to NWA, young Peter's long silent phone springs inexplicably to life.  He answers, hope in his heart and there's a young woman's voice, she appears to have a speech impediment, but he is an accepting cat and loves bitches.  It is Nami, and finally, after months of knitting, alone, worried about his situation, he is being invited to play soccer........

Sadly, all was not as Peter hoped.  He was never chosen for a team and thus was resigned to the goal, ball after ball flew towards his face, like monochrome missiles they came endlessly hurtling, and the children laughed, oh how they laughed...



After a time, Peter grew suspicious of his new friends.  He and Anne, separately, had begun to question their little existences and found that they were suffering.  Anne noticed the strange noises that the children made, unnatural, reptilian noises, and no one could ignore the increasing disappearances and Joon's proximity to the victims.  She had to keep up appearances, though the plot was thickening, and so she agreed to meet the boy at the shop.  She hoped she hadn't been too hasty, but the little bastard spooked her badly.  She hoped she wasn't suspicious, or she might end up like Peter.  There was no one to trust any more. 

One day Peter refused to make the video.  He made pleas and spilled secrets while Nami brazenly ignored him.  
His infidelity was not ignored by others.  
Beaten into submission, he managed to choke out the words, propped up against a railing.  Nami dubbed for him later; his true voice belied too much.

When he finally  got out of the rehabilitation scheme, he was put back to work.  They had fed him a diet of lurid fantasy and he clung gormlessly to an idea of a grandmother, somewhere, who one day he would hold and she would tell him how handsome and clever he was, and feed him chicken.
He never wanted to eat 송편 again.  

He found it hard to speak these days, his jaw had locked terribly from his punishment and his brain had swollen from all the rattling.  He tried to form solid thoughts but it was too much, and it upset him.
He had discovered something awful about these people, a girl, something unnatural but he couldn't remember it.



Anne had been easy prey.  But it was this angel that he really wanted, she challenged him with her eyes as no woman had before.  He tried to keep calm around the midget goddess but his desires were hard to control and his timing was poor.  As he grappled with the urge to embrace her, from around a corner strode an unsettling man with eyes of steel and a manly, jutting jaw.  It was her father, he knew, and so he moved on this time.  The sweat chaffed between his thighs.  He had made a fool of himself.


Black Peter was too addled to be able to make something of his tiny chances with the girl.
She always seemed so alone.  She held her head like a bossy dinosaur but in the quiver of her mouth lay so much uncertainty.  She was lovely and vulnerable and hard to resist.  She had no fear of strangers for she had become disconnected from her own body and any pleasure or harm that befell it.

She wasn't too bothered about what happened behind the building, just so long as she found the place in the end.


 Nami is almost definitely not Japanese, perhaps her family moved around a lot.
Maybe her mother fled with the children to America but for some reason decided to reconcile with her husband. Though he terrifies her, she is unable to function when separated from his routine, his orders.  An orderly life, yes, that's what she needs, helps the old eyes glaze over.


Peter isn't here any more.

In the cartoons he seems almost maniacally happy.  It is an inaccurate shame.  For Peter sits in the lobby and never gives the nice ladies enough information to really help him.  He used to go over to Jinho's house, he'd play at being husband - pretend Jinho was his son.  Since the woman died he hasn't seen Jinho.  Jinho has changed somehow.  Bill went home and everything feels so cold.


Nami's father is a real sonofabitch.  Mother grits her teeth lest the desperation bubble over.
Sometimes the kids make believe that they are some-place far far away fighting dragons and whatnot; the smell of the cold, stale house drifts away and they forget for a while.  Just for one moment a distant sound of tinkling china carries into the room upstairs.

Forget about it.

Last night Joon killed Jinho's mother.  She knew too much.  She was a good woman and always made sure that he was on time for school.  Jinho drank a quart of whiskey after and was feeling unwell.  In the following scene, Joon makes himself understood.

What do you want to do?

Please note the colour of a ginger's eyes.  
The cartoon freezes these moments and turns them sepia as if harking a kindly nod nostalgically back to the casual racism of a more innocent time.  I believe they are about to burn the tree in some sort of demonic ritual.


She considers hitting the man for a moment but knows there is no use, he will overpower her as usual and in his heightened state the thought of mating may occur, he will grunt and writhe on top of her, and the terror of this imagined act makes her put aside all worries of that slipped disc and do his work.  Later, in the shower she will heave silently in agony.

Anne has her own problems.

Two lonely people, trapped in a terrible nightmare.

Peter sits in the lobby of the child protection shelter which he finds refuge in while his sister is out on the job.  The other day an Aryan mirage appeared to him and seemed to show some kind of kindness, though her voice remained, as ever, monotone and distant.  He would never forget her, and as his feet grew cold in the waiting room, he rang her as one in a trance, guided by some puppet master he would never know nor comprehend.  

Even in the heart of such darkness, he may find memories to cling to.

Oh Golly.

Black Peter explicitly eats and uses chopsticks.

Oh, Peter, when your lazy cracked out eyes meet the lens for that moment as you strangely chew upon your Korean food as if you've been raped for days by the cameraman, that is when I realise what you really mean to me...

Peter isn't allowed to play

Nami and Anne deserve everything they get.  Dirty bitches.  I may talk about these kids as I please, they surely are not human.

Peter never gets to play.  He talks about going skating that one time, but I don't believe it happened...


Black Peter wants to go skating.

Black Peter's sister is tall and pretty.

He is resigned to the inevitability of Joon fucking his sister.  He has beared many an injustice in his short and tragic life thus far.

The Debut of Black Peter in 5th Grade.


Black Peter makes a rather innocuous first appearance in the 4th lesson.  By now we are already familiar with Nami, the lisping Oriental girl (who possibly poses as Japanese in some chapters of this epic Elementary school saga) and Joon, a child (perhaps Korean, like Jinho, our hero, or perhaps simply a figment of our imaginations) with pencilled in freckles and the over-familiar manners of a man with connections.  See how he sinisterly grabs the poor child's shoulder as he ferries him toward the enclosed space...   Already there are twinges of unease in the portrayal of Black Peter, but it is all innocent enough at this point in Lesson 4.  Joon is a sick little bastard, though.